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"During an important time of my high school career I suffered a severe hamstring injury. Karl provided hands-on treatment and really cared about getting me back to competition. He was able to speed up my recovery time and taught me how to prevent another injury. I was able to compete in the state track meet and get the college scholarship I had always dreamed of."

Jay Cooper

"Kathy provided outstanding Occupational Therapy for my hands. I really appreciated the individual attention I received. I liked my experience so much that I came back to the clinic for hip and knee issues and have been a member of the Active@AnyAge Fitness Program for over 5 years now. It is not only the great care but the blessings of friendship with staff and other clients that keeps me coming back."

Mary Lou Roberts

" I was actually quite embarassed and apprehensive to be seen in therapy for urinary incontinence. The minute Shannon walked in she put me at ease. She specializes in women's health issues and made me realize my problem was very common. The private setting made me feel comfortable and after 3 visits and 4 weeks of exercising my problem was resolved! My biggest regret is that I didn't see Shannon sooner."

Jeanne Peters

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